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Welcome to my home.

Peruse my work, read some content, and when you're ready to collaborate . . . let's get to the business of making stuff.

latest output


Web Content & Code

Im always building things for the web, so here's a preview of the latest from the laboratory.

Threadz Theme [WP]

This is a WordPress Theme that I built from scratch, as I normally tend to do. The concept is to have dynamic posting abilities in which posting in specific categories would populate other areas of the site and be organized as possible.


Graphics & Media

Cant get enough of that candy for your eyeballs? Me either.

FashionGun Flyer Design

This was a simple flyer for the online fashion network ‘FasionGun’. The flyer was a CTA for models and professional in the industry to take advantage of FashionGun’s event photography booth.


Illustration & Art

Sometimes you have to DYI in order to do it right. We're into the art of making art.

BlindEye Productions Logo

This logo was created for BlindEye Productions based in San Diego. They specialize in fashion events, video, and photography. With so much talent in a small team of individuals, there was the need to really nail their logo and branding down.


Print & POP

Trees are still very important to me, but we have to print on something right?

Energia Batteries

  Battery Design   Display Base Artwork   Base Front Artwork   Faceplate Artwork   Upright Flap Artwork

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